Alexa deal alert! Amazon slashes the price of its Echo Show smart speaker

Finding the best deal for Alexa is tough. Amazon’s smart assistant is available on dozens of devices, from speakers to screens, and even a microwave.

In a rare move, Amazon has slashed the price of the Echo Show 8.

Overall, we think Amazon’s Echo Show 8 is the best device out there for people who aren’t comfortable with an iPad or smartphone – and Amazon has a rare discount on it right now. They’ll even throw in a free addon such as a smart plug so you can control lights and other appliances by voice, or a one year subscription to the Food Network. You’ll need to click below to reveal the full discount.

The Echo Show 8 is voice operated, simple to use, yet lets you keep in touch with your family easily. You can even play games and use it as a digital picture frame.

You can also make free calls, play music and do everything from playing games (we have a guide here) to your weekly shop.

Amazon has also made a similar cut to the slightly smaller Echo Show 5, which is even cheaper – although we think the 8 hits the sweet spot in terms of screen size, particularly if you want to use it as a digital picture frame.

In fact, there’s an explosion in games for seniors – who have been dubbed ‘grey haired gamers’.

A recent study from AARP found a 14% increase in the number of adults age 50-plus who play online or video games on a monthly basis.

It’s also an incredibly powerful computer you can use to watch videos, search the internet and do almost everything you’d want from a computer – all without lifting a finger.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best deal for all of Amazon’s Alexa devices, and here’s Amazon’s best prices right now:

It’s our top recommendation in our guide to the best devices for seniors.

Amazon has heavily discounted the device, so there’s never been a better time to buy and get the best deal for Alexa.

(and if you go with our recommendation and get the Echo Show 8, don’t forget to buy a stand for it as well).

Once you’ve got your Echo Show, we’ve got a great guide to setting it up, and we’ve even produced a simple to use cheat sheet you can download and put next to your smart speaker so you’ll never forget a command – it’s part of our ultimate guide to using Alexa.

If you’ve buying it for a relative, we’ve got a guide to how best to set it up for them – and the good news is you can do it remotely.

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