The best broadband deals for veterans

Did you know that many internet providers offer broadband deals for veterans and military personnel? You can often get a better price for your internet, but the deals can be difficult to find – so we’ve tracked down the best deals for you.

Often proving your eligibility can be done online simply as well, so you should be able to get up and running without having to visit a store.

Broadband providers with veteran discounts

Verizon Military Discount

Verizon actually has a few discount packages for both active-duty military and veterans. Their base high-speed internet and phone package will be discounted $60 a year. The Verizon Double Play package, which includes the internet and a choice of phone or TV, also gets a $60/year discount. If you want everything, the Fios Triple Play package, which includes internet, phone, and TV has a $120/year discount. Active duty and veterans can easily apply online for these discounts and can register online using MilVetID verification system by Veterans Advantage, an extension of their VetRewards program.

AT&T Veteran Discounts

AT&T also offers great broadband deals for veterans and military personnel, and you can check if you are eligible here.

It offers 15% off of monthly service charges for internet, phone, and TV.

Xfinity/Comcast Veteran Discount

Xfinity doesn’t offer a lower cost package for active military or veterans, but instead active-duty personnel and veterans will receive a $100 prepaid Visa card along a $25 Xfinity coupon, which can be used as a credit toward their bill or to rent/buy movies. 

Frontier Communications Service Discount

Frontier runs braodband deals for veterans through Veterans Advantage, which has partnerships with organizations to provide savings for veterans.

If you’re signing up for a new account, active duty military and veterans can choose between $10 off per month on Triple Play plans, and $5 off if you choose the Double Play plan.

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