Teaching resources

Downloadable tech guides from DOROT

New York-based DOROT has a whole range of easy to follow guides to tech you can download.

How to teach someone remotely: Digital Unite

The team at Digital Unite have a great guide to helping digitally that's really useful for anyone struggling to get their relatives online.

How to teach your parents to use tech

Teaching a parent how to use tech can be frustrating for both of you. We spoke to some senior tech teachers to get tips for helping elderly relatives get up to speed quickly and painlessly (for both of you).

How to video call on Skype: AARP

A well produced video guide to making Skype calls

7 Ways to Boost Your Loved One’s Morale During the Coronavirus Epidemic: AARP

From virtual meals to FaceTime books clubs, some great ideas to give seniors a lift remotely.

How to spot coronavirus fake news – an expert guide

Samantha Vanderslott of the University of Oxford explains how to spot fake news online

How to teach seniors to listen to podcasts: Medium

Complete with handouts to print out, this is a great resource to get people listening to podcasts.

10 Tips for Teaching Technology to Seniors

Some useful tips for teaching tech to seniors

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How to change your iPhone Home Screen

Did you know you can customize your iPhones's Home Screen? Follow our guide to find out how

Social media stress: Are YOU suffering?

The constant stream of messages, updates and content that social media apps deliver right to our pockets can sometimes feel like a social overload, invading your personal space and obliging you to reply in order to maintain friendships.