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Dealing with isolation

If you've got a new gadget, we've got guides to get you set up. Choose your device below and we'll get you up and running in no time with simple, easy to understand instructions.

The best health and fitness apps for seniors

Keeping your body and mind in top shape is more important than ever as we get older, and there are some great health and fitness apps for seniors to help you out.

The devastating effects of the digital divide on seniors

During the pandemic, which has hit older adults especially hard, the divide between technology “haves” and “have-nots” has serious consequences on everything from social interaction to healthcare.

Video calls are far better than texting, experts say

Making video calls or phone calls is far better for keeping in touch with others, especially if they are socially isolated, UNC-Chapel Hill researchers say.

Has lockdown given you tech addiction? How to kick the habit

Social isolation has meant many of us barely get time away from a screen - and that's a huge problem.

How to listen to your loved ones while social distancing

Annmarie Caño of Wayne State University reveals how to keep listening to your loved ones despite the stress of social isolation.

Every Mind matters – dealing with isolation

Some great tips from the UK's NHS on dealing with the strain of social isolation

How older people can keep fit during lockdown

Some simple exercises from Which to help keep you moving while you're stuck at home

The tech for seniors that can help while isolating

Daniel Miller, a Professor of Anthropology at UCL, explains how tech tools can help seniors during isolation.

People DO become more selfless as they age

Ulrich Mayr, the Lewis Professor and Department Head of Psychology, at the the University of Oregon uses the hit show The Good Place to explain why...

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