Internet speed test: Are you getting what you pay for?

If you think your internet connection is too slow, take our internet speed test to find out for sure.

Internet speed test: What do the results mean?

There are a few different results here.

What is my download speed?

Download speed is measured in Mbps or megabits-per-second and refers to how quickly the test data is sent to your computer from the test servers using your connection.
It’s probably the most important number, as it will determine how quickly you can load web pages, stream videos, and download online files.
The higher the number, the better your broadband speed is.

What is my upload speed?

The upload speed determines how fast your home network sends data to the test servers. It determines how quickly you can send emails, send images on Facebook and other social media, or make voice calls. This number is often much lower than the download speed, so don’t be alarmed – it only really becomes important if you often upload long videos or spend a lot of time making video calls.

What is ping and latency?

The ping or latency measures how speedily data travels from one computer to another in a network, and how fast your machine receives a response from the internet when it sends out a request. This is measured in milliseconds. The lower the number, the better in general.

What internet speed do I need?

1 Mbps – the minimum requirement for streaming online music and low quality videos on computers and laptops., and sending emails. It’s very, very basic.
2 Mbps – the realistic minimum for streaming music and low quality videos on your computer or TV.
5 Mbps – This is really the minimum for decent quality video streaming, and things like making video calls.
10 Mbps – this allows smooth streaming of high definition video
25 Mbps – great for watching 4K or Ultra HD video online, and for playing graphics-heavy games.

If you find your connection speed is too slow, you can increase it – at a price. Check with your internet provider to see how much it would cost, or visit a site like Broadband Now to see what other providers are available in your area – it is possible to switch providers.

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