iPhone Hacks: Ten tips to get the most out of your phone

Even if you’re a veteran user, our iPhone hacks and hints will help you get the best out of your phone. If you’re looking to buy an iPhone, check out our guide to getting a bargain here.

1. Your keyboard can be used as a “trackpad”

Press down on your text keyboard, and the keys will disappear. Without the keyboard, you can slide your thumb around in this space to move your text cursor on screen. Press harder, and you can select text.

There’s even an advanced tip – if you release a bit of pressure, you can deselect text, and then select it again by pressing down.

2. Save your battery 

If you’re running low on power, Low Power mode will let you save a little juice for an emergency. 

Go to your phone’s Control Center and tap on the “low battery” icon to turn it on or off. This should give you a little boost in power, at least until you can get to a charger again and it’s all clear.

3. Secretly hide photos you don’t want others to see

If you’ve got pictures in your Photos app that you want to conceal from prying eyes, you can easily hide them from view by selecting the photo and tapping the “Share” icon. This looks like a square with an arrow inside. Then choose “Hide.” 

4. Know who is calling before you pick up your phone

If you want to know who’s calling you without having to look at your phone, this handy trick should help make things easier. 

Go to your Contacts menu, select the person you want to change a ringtone or notification option for, and choose “Edit.” From there, go to “Ringtone” and tap on “Default.” 

You’ll be met with a set of options that you can choose for the person of your choice, whether you want to assign unique vibrations or a ringtone, so you know who’s calling without having to look at your screen.

5. Scan important documents with the Notes app

Never reach for a scanner again to share important documents and files with others with our iPhone hacks. If you have something that needs scanning, you only need to go as far as your Notes. 

Open it up, click the plus sign found at the bottom of the screen near the middle, and choose the “Scan Documents” option. You can use the iPhone camera to take a photo of your document and add it to your notebook. Options like black and white, grayscale, or color will help make sure the scan is of submittable quality.

6. Don’t be bothered when driving

If you get a lot of messages or calls while on the road, consider utilizing the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature. Simply turn it on manually via the Control Center, and your phone will automatically swap to this mode when it senses you’re in a vehicle going over a certain speed. 

All calls, texts, notifications, and other pings will be muted, with an option to send a message to callers that you’re driving.

7. The secret one handed keyboard

One of our little known iPhone hacks, if you hate using both hands to type messages, you can opt to use the iPhone’s one-handed keyboard instead. 

Just open up a message or use your keyboard, and look for the globe button (or the emoji button). Hold it down and choose either the left-handed or right-handed keyboard options. The keyboard will shift to the side you want, and you’ll be able to type with one hand this way.

8. Flash ringer

This well-known iPhone hack means your flashlight will flash when you receive a call. Enable this in Settings>General>Accessibility and toggle LED Flash for Alerts to on (green)

9. Fast charging

When you have only a few moments to charge up your iPhone — you might be about to set off for a meeting — your device will recharge a whole lot faster if you switch it to AirPlane Mode before you connect it to power

10. Get better answers from Siri

The last of out iPhone hacks. You don’t have to speak to Siri to work with her. You can instead type to her if you so choose. 

For many text-leaning people, this kind of communication may prove more accurate. Go to Settings, then General, then Accessibility and choose the Siri option. Then select “Done.”

Siri will answer your query, and likely in a much more accurate manner than if you would have done so with your voice.

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