Prime Day 2020 – the best deals for seniors

Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale is here!

If you’ve no clue what it is, Prime Day is Amazon’s own ‘Black Friday’ sale, with huge price cuts. Amazon Prime Day is a particularly great opportunity to take advantage of big discounts to Amazon’s own technology, including its streaming sticks, Echo and Kindle devices.

We’ve found you the best deals – and scroll down for some tips on getting the most out of Prime Day – a bit of planning can save you a lot!

Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8 is, we think, the best device for seniors to keep in touch with their family, as well as keeping themselves entertained. It can play videos, music, and make video calls – and like all Alexa devices, you can chat with it.

We’ve got a full guide to the best devices for seniors here – but with Amazon’s Prime Day discount seeing the price of the Echo Show 8 halved, we think it’s the perfect time to buy.

3rd generation Echo Dot

Prime subscribers can get a third-generation Echo Dot smart speaker for under $20

Fire HD8 tablet

Amazon’s budget Fire tablet was already a good deal – but at it’s prime day price of $55, it’s a steal and by far the best budget tablet for seniors (although if you can afford it, we’d still recommend getting Apple’s iPad).

Echo Show 5

It’s one of the best Echo speakers out there for seniors, with a 5inch video screen so you can take part in video screens, and also play games and watch video.

For Prime day, the Echo Show 5 is just just $45 for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s Kindle is still, by far, the best way to read books. As part of Prime Day the paperwhite model, which has a superb easy to read screen, is at the lowest price we’ve ever seen it (click through to see the discount price).

Apple Airpods

Apple’s Airpods are the best wireless headphones you can get – and they’ve got a rare price cut for Prime Day.

Latest Echo Dot (4th generation) with Clock

If you want the latest and greatest, the brand-new Echo Dot with Clock that Amazon announced just last week, then it currently sells for $59.99, but you can save $20 on a Dot with Clock two-pack with promo code DOT2PACK. You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to use the code.

Toshiba 43-inch Smart 4K HD Fire TV Edition TV

With Amazon’s Fire TV built in, this 43inch 4K TV also has a remote you can talk to.

Toshiba 32inch Fire TV

It’s an absolute bargain price for the 32inch version of Toshiba’s smart TV, which has amazon’s Fire TV built into it, meaning you don’t need to plug in another dongle or box to stream shows online – this TV will just connect to your wifi and stream.

We’ve also got some tips on how to make the best of Prime Day with a bit of planning.

Make the most of Amazon Prime Day

  1. Know your budget

    Give yourself a budget ahead of time. There’ll be a huge number of deals on offer, and impulse buying will leave you with things you don’t really want, and will probably never use.

  2. Subscribe to Amazon Prime

    Amazon offers deals before the main event, usually including a reduced price for its Amazon Prime service. Don’t forget there’s also a Prime discount for those with EBT or Medicaid cards, you can get it here

  3. Do your research on the day

    Always check the reviews, and not just on Amazon – just google the produce name and adding the word review at the end, and look for some reputable publications who have reviews.
    If you’re planning to purchase more expensive items, such as smartphones or laptops, look for deals on comparison sites. 

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