What are the best computers for seniors?

Technology is key to keeping in touch with parents and others in isolation, but what should you buy? Here's a guide to what's best, and some simple tips for setting it up most effectively.



Welcome to the TheTechHelper.com's SAGE homepage. We've collected together all the guides and information you need to get online and take part in SAGE's virtual programming.



SAGEConnect is a program that matches LGBT elders with volunteer community members and allies in the midst of the national pandemic.

COVID-19 Update

SAGE events through the end of March are currently postponed nationwide


The best video calling courses

Video calling has become a hugely important way of keeping in touch, and it's relatively simple to understand by following one of the video calling courses we've gathered together for you.

How to make your Wi-Fi faster

If your internet connection at home is slow, we've got some simple tips to make your Wi-Fi faster.

Getting online: How to find free Wifi

Getting online doesn't have to cost the Earth - in fact, there are a lot of free options you may be able to take advantage of.

Does private browsing really work?

Nearly half of American internet users have tried a private, or incognito, browsing mode, but do they really work?

How to make free calls with Alexa

If you have an Echo, Echo Dot or any Echo, you can make free voice calls. And if you own any version of the Echo Show, you can make video calls, too.

iOS 14: All about Apple’s new iPhone software

Apple has unveiled the newest software for its iPhone and iPad, called iOS and iPadOS 14. Coming in September, it's got a new home screen and loads of other new features.

Coronavirus is causing massive misconceptions about seniors

Paul Nash, Associate Professor of Gerontology at University of Southern California and Phillip W. Schnarrs, Associate Professor of Population Health, University of Texas at Austin, say ageism causing massive misconceptions about senior health.

How many Americans really have high-speed internet access?

The FCC says 14 million people don't have broadband internet access. Microsoft says its research shows that it is actually closer to 163 million.

Almost half the world is living through this pandemic without the internet

CNN highlights the digital divide that has torn the world apart during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to make the most of Alexa during lockdown

From home deliveries to free calls, helping with cooking, keeping the kids entertained and more, Which Computing has some tips on how to harness Alexa to improve your wellbeing at home.

Zoom security: Here’s what you need to know

Thomas Reisinger at De Montfort University has researched video conferencing privacy and security for years. Here's what he thinks you need to know.

What is a tracing app? How Apple and Google’s coronavirus system works

David Starobinski a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, at Boston University and Johannes Becker, a Doctoral student in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Boston University, explain how the controversial new system will work.

How to listen to your loved ones while social distancing

Annmarie Caño of Wayne State University reveals how to keep listening to your loved ones despite the stress of social isolation.

The robots letting seniors speak to their loved ones

In Belgium, over 60 robots called 'Zorabpots' are being used to help people chat with their relatives

Google blocks 18 MILLION coronavirus scam emails every day

The shocking scale of Coronavirus email scams is revealed by Google's latest figures.

The tech for seniors that can help while isolating

Daniel Miller, a Professor of Anthropology at UCL, explains how tech tools can help seniors during isolation.

Apple’s iPhone SE – the perfect phone for seniors

Apple has released its latest iPhone, the SE - and it's perfect for those on a tight budget or looking for a first iPhone.

The 88 year old who has played Nintendo’s Animal Crossing game for over 4,000 hours

Audrey Buchanan has made a name for herself on YouTube for her love of building towns and islands in the Nintendo game.

People DO become more selfless as they age

Ulrich Mayr, the Lewis Professor and Department Head of Psychology, at the the University of Oregon uses the hit show The Good Place to explain why...

Coronavirus hacks: How to build better relationships remotely

From the power of silence to techniques to help you listen more, the BBC has a great roundup of how to use technology to build relationships.

Why is it so hard to stop COVID-19 misinformation spreading on social media?

Queensland University of Technology experts reveal what's driving the explosion in COVID-19 misinformation on social media.

Video call privacy: Experts warn it’s “far from perfect”

Elizabeth Stoycheff is an Associate Professor of Communication at Wayne State University. Here, she lays out what the risks really are with videoconferencing.

Seven tips to get your sleep cycle back on track during lockdown

Lesley Ingram-Sills of Edinburgh Napier University have some great tips if your sleep has been suffering because of self isolation.

What we can learn from seniors about self isolation

Anne Fishel, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School explains how seniors have the upper hand when it comes to self isolating

online courses for seniors

Learn My Way

A great first stop, with lots of simple, easy to follow guides

GCF LearnFree

Particularly useful for video content which some seniors may find easier to follow

Digital Literacy: Microsoft

Microsoft has a huge range of very simple, easy to use courses aimed at beginners and seniors alike.

Digital Unite

Over 400 really simple to follow courses and guides are online here.



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