Senior sex: The best online resources

  • There are a huge number of online senior sex resources
  • From sex toys to sexual health, we’ve found the best links for you

Getting old doesn’t mean the end of your sex life – in fact, for many it can mean a whole new lease of (senior sex) life.

“People who have sex when they’re older will tell you it’s more creative,” Dr. Lindsay Wilson, MD, MPH, a geriatrician with the UNC Hospitals Geriatric Specialty Clinictold UNC’s Health Talk.

“It’s less about wham, bam and done. There’s more touching. It’s kind of the beauty of being older, people are more open and receptive.”

There are some really great resources online to help you stay safe and get the most out of your sexual relationships.

A good first port of call is the National Institute on Aging guide to Sexuality in Later life.

And if intercourse isn’t your thing, don’t worry – Senior Planet has a great guide to the (many) other options.

Sex in assisted living

The Conversation has a great introduction to the sexual challenges seniors in assisted living face, and some advice on how to deal with them.

Top sex tips for seniors

Saga, a UK magazine for seniors, has five great tips to improve senior sex

Senior Planet has a guide to lubrication for seniors.

Seniors guide to solo sex

No partner? No problem. From sex toys and self pleasure, Senior Planet has a great guide to Solo Sex For seniors.

The best sex toys for seniors

There are also a huge range of sex toys out there, and here’s a good guide to sex toys for seniors.

If you’re buying sex toys, don’t be embarrassed – one good way to buy is through Amazon, as your packages will arrive in their standard packaging.

Among the best reviews are the Palm Power, which is ideal for those with arthritic wrists.

The latest version is also rechargeable, so you won’t need to spend a fortune on batteries.

If you’re looking for a strong vibration, the Magic Wand comes highly recommend by experts.

There are two versions, one cheaper that you need to plug in, and one rechargeable one that you don’t have to keep plugged in.

For (a lot) more vibrator options, check out Seniors Planet’s guide.

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