What is an SD Card – and how to buy the right one

A lot of your gadgets probably use an SD Card to store information.

Also known as memory cards, they allow gadgets such as cameras, drones and some phones to store information – typically hundreds or thousands of snaps.

If you run out of space, you can delete files (see our tips below).

But you can also simply buy a larger card to store more.

Buying an SD Card with more capacity (32gb is the baseline now) mean you’ll be able to store more – but buying them is massively confusing, with hundreds of brands and different types of card to choose from.

There are even different physical sizes of card, so make sure you get the right one – MicroSD and SD are the two choices.

The cards are also dropping in price every day, so it’s worth shopping around for the best deals. We’ve found Amazon is usually the best place to do this

SD Cards: How much space do I need?

This is really up to you, but in general cards start at 32gb, which is roughly enough to store 3-4000 pictures on a normal digital camera. Which is obviously enough for most people.

However, if you’re shooting video, it might be worth going higher – at your phone or cameras highest setting (usually 4K), that’ll only get you 20 minutes of footage, so it may be worth shelling out for more.

The same goes for game consoles and phones – apps and games really do take up a lot of space, so its worth looking at 128gb or 256gb to make sure you aren’t running out.

It’s also worth spring cleaning what’s on your card if you do run out of space – moving pictures to your computer or storing them online using a service like Google Photos might be a good way to free up space.

With apps and games, delete those you don’t use regularly – you can always download them again if you need too.

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