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How to make free calls with Alexa

If you have an Echo, Echo Dot or any Echo, you can make free voice calls. And if you own any version of the Echo Show, you can make video calls, too.

Video calls are far better than texting, experts say

Making video calls or phone calls is far better for keeping in touch with others, especially if they are socially isolated, UNC-Chapel Hill researchers say.

Coronavirus shows how ageism is harming the health of older adults

Paul Nash, Associate Professor of Gerontology at University of Southern California and Phillip W. Schnarrs, Associate Professor of Population Health, University of Texas at Austin, say ageism causing massive misconceptions about senior health.

Get the best deal for Alexa, Amazon’s smart assistant

Amazon's Echo Show 8 is the best device out there for people who aren't comfortable with an iPad or smartphone. Amazon has heavily discounted the device, so there's never been a better time get the best deal on Alexa.

How many Americans really have high-speed internet access?

The FCC says 14 million people don't have broadband internet access. Microsoft says its research shows that it is actually closer to 163 million.

How to run a Zoom class

Taking you classes online and learning how to run a zoom class can be a scary thought - but it's actually quite...

Set up Alexa for a senior: What you need to do

It’s simple to set up an Alexa device for a relative remotely. Here's what you need to do.

Facebook Messenger Rooms: What you need to know

Facebook has updated its Messenger app to take on Zoom with a new feature called Rooms - here's how to use it.

The best way to buy a cheap iPhone

iPhones are not cheap - but we've got a guide to getting a bargain buy buying refurbished and older handsets that will stop do everything you need.

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How to stop Robocalls

The number of annoying 'spam' calls trying to sell you products and services your really don't want are a huge problem. Here's what you can do to stop them.

Download our Alexa cheat sheet

Download and print our cheat sheet and place it near the speaker to remind users of the most common commands.

Social distancing: 6 simple ways to help seniors struggling to change their routines

toria Atabakhsh, a Doctorate student in Aging, Health and Well-Being at the University of Waterloo has 6 simple way to help seniors struggling with social isolation.