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If you've got a new gadget, we've got guides to get you set up. Choose your device below and we'll get you up and running in no time with simple, easy to understand instructions.

10 tips to help you avoid online shopping scams

H. Colleen Sinclair of Mississippi State University has ten tips to help you shop smart and spot scam.

How to pick the perfect password

Picking the perfect password can be tough - but Megan Squire, a Professor of Computing Sciences at Elon University, explains how to do it.

What is a VPN?

What is a VPN? We think it's the simplest way to stay safe online, hiding your identity from hackers and tech firms

Does private browsing really work?

Nearly half of American internet users have tried a private, or incognito, browsing mode, but do they really work?

Low cost internet for seniors: The best deals in 2020

There are dozens of different ways to get broadband at home, and many providers offer special deals for seniors. Here's how to get them.

Have hackers taken control of your webcam?

Is YOUR webcam being hacked? Experts reveal how you could be being watched at all times - and what you can do about it.

Zoom security: Here’s what you need to know

Thomas Reisinger at De Montfort University has researched video conferencing privacy and security for years. Here's what he thinks you need to know.

How to stop dangerous coronavirus conspiracy theories

The pandemic has been accompanied by nonsense, disinformation, half-truths and conspiracy theories that have spread virally through social networks, explain Stephan Lewandowsky at the University of Bristol and John Cook at George Mason University.

Google blocks 18 MILLION coronavirus scam emails every day

The shocking scale of Coronavirus email scams is revealed by Google's latest figures.

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