How to run a Zoom class

Taking your classes online and learning how to run a Zoom class can be a scary thought – but it’s actually quite simple.

There are two ways to do it – running a meeting, or running a webinar.

In general, it’s probably best to run your session as a webinar.

Zoom actually has a really great video you can watch below, where the firm walks you through all of the options available.

What you’ll need – a Zoom account

The first thing you’ll need is a Zoom account. You can sign up to a Basic, Pro, or Business plan depending on what you need.

Basic plan: This plan is free but with some limits, which include a maximum of 40 minutes for your online classes. Bearing in mind people are often late, and the first few minutes is always checking everyone is set up, this means that realistically you’ll only be able to run 30 minute classes.

Pro plan: This is the plan most private firms use. It allows you to run classes up to 24 hours long, and have up to 100 attendees including the instructor. 

Business plan: This is for big classes of over 100 people. With this plan, you can put your own brand on the Zoom video portal. If this important to you, go for it!

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