The best TV to buy: TCL 6 Series review

  • Stunning picture quality and sleek looks make this the best tv to buy
  • Built in Roku means you can stream shows as well as watch live TV via an antenna
  • Roku makes the interface easy to customize, and simple to use

Looking for a new TV? We think the 65inch version of TCL’s 6 series is the best TV to buy.

Here’s why. For the price, it’s got everything – a stunning 65inch screen, a built in Roku to stream shows, complete with the easy to use Roku remote and menu system, and a sleek design that will blend into every living room.

While its not cheap (see below for the latest price), for a gigantic 65inch screen 4K screen, it’s actually a great price.

Stunning 4K screen

Obviously the most important thing about a TV is the quality of the picture – and here it’s jaw-droppingly good.

TCL, a Chinese brand, has made massive leaps forward in recent years to develop its own screen technology, and this year really sees it take a leap forward. In technical terms, it’s a 4K screen using QLED technology. In the real world, this means you’re getting a stunningly bright and sharp picture which is almost future proof.

If you’re not sure what 4K is, it refers to the number of pixels (or ‘dots’) on the screen – horizontally, there are 4096, hence the term 4K.

The TCL also has two smart technologies known as HDR and Dolby Vision, which automatically change the way the picture is displayed to ensure you’re seeing it as the film of show makers wanted. It’s most common on streaming services such as Netflix, and the TV will adjust automatically – you’ll just see the relevant logo pop up on screen.

It’s also worth mentioning the TCL’s prowess for gamers – there’s a special gaming mode that’s automatically selected when you turn your console on, with the best setting for displaying fast action.

Simple to use interface

Because the TCL has a built in Roku, it works more like a mobile phone than a traditional TV.

You can download different apps known as ‘channels’ – for instance, Netflix and Hulu, and these will show up on your main home screen.

The great thing about Roku is that you can customize this depending on what you watch – so your favourite channels always appear at the top.

TCL Series 6: The best TV to buy
The Roku interface – it’s really simple to use and customize

However, if you want to watch live TV via an antenna plugged into the TV, there is a different menu system – you need to press up from the main screen to see it.

It could be better integrated into the main screen, but hey, at least you can plug in an antenna – unlike many rivals at this price, including Vizio.

Once you’re in there, there’s a more traditional TV guide you use to choose channels. It’s still simple to use, and works like a ‘normal’ TV.

All the menus are controlled via a really nice, easy to understand remote you can also program to control your soundbar or hifi if you’re using that. It’s got buttons to take you directly to the most popular services.

The remote even has speech capabilities built in, so you can tell it to ‘launch Netflix’. It’s also got support for both Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can use them to switch it on and off, for instance.

If you are buying the TCL, don’t forget you’ll also need some high speed HDMI cables. Luckily, Amazon makes some very cheap ones we use and recommend, buy them here.

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Verdict: The best TV to buy

Overall, we have no hesitation in recommending the TCL 6 series.

It delivers really impressive features at a relatively modest price, matching up to competitors costing hundreds of dollars more.

It’s simple to use, and while no TV is ever completely future proof, the advanced 4K screen will keep you ahead of the game for a long time.

It’s a big investment, but if you want a real home cinema experience, the 65inch version of TCL’s 6 series really is the best TV to buy.

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