The best Windows laptops for seniors

While Chromebooks, iPads and phones are a great choice for most people (and you can read our complete guide to the best devices for seniors here), some people simply feel more comfortable with a Windows laptop. They’re cheap, relatively easy to use and reliable.

However, there are a dizzying array out there. We’ve combed through reviews, comments and played with them to find our favourites.

Microsoft Surface Go: Best for frequent travellers

Microsoft’s 10-inch Surface Go is a great choice if you’re on the move a lot and need a laptop that’s got great battery life and is easy to carry. It’s not the fastest, so don’t get this if you want to play the latest games, for instance, But for most people, this is a great option, and it’s got the added advantage of working as a tablet as well, thanks to its detachable keyboard (which you’ll need to buy deperateyl – but do, it’s really worth it).

Best budget big screen laptop – HP 15

Boasting a 15.6inch screen, this a solid choice.

It’s not going to win any award for its design, or its performance, but it does everything well enough.

HP’s laptops have been around for years, earning the company a solid reputation for the no-nonsense machines.

Best all rounder: Dell Inspiron 14

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