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How to join a Zoom meeting

There are dozens of different ways to make video calls, but Zoom has emerged as one of the most popular. It's simple to use, and we've put together a guide to joining your first Zoom meeting.

iOS 14: All about Apple’s new iPhone software

Apple has unveiled the newest software for its iPhone and iPad, called iOS and iPadOS 14. Coming in September, it's got a new home screen and loads of other new features.

The best broadband deals for Seniors

There are dozens of different ways to get broadband at home, and many providers offer special deals for seniors. Here's how to get them.

Amazon slashes the price of its Echo Show smart screen

Amazon's Echo Show 8 is the best device out there for people who aren't comfortable with an iPad or smartphone. Amazon has heavily discounted the device, so there's never been a better time to buy.

How to run a Zoom class

Taking you classes online and learning how to run a zoom class can be a scary thought - but it's actually quite...

Set up Alexa for a senior: What you need to do

It’s simple to set up an Alexa device for a relative remotely. Here's what you need to do.

Facebook Messenger Rooms: What you need to know

Facebook has updated its Messenger app to take on Zoom with a new feature called Rooms - here's how to use it.

Downloadable tech guides from DOROT

New York-based DOROT has a whole range of easy to follow guides to tech you can download.

The tech for seniors that can help while isolating

Daniel Miller, a Professor of Anthropology at UCL, explains how tech tools can help seniors during isolation.

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