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Set up Alexa for a senior: What you need to do

It’s simple to set up an Alexa device for a relative remotely. Here's what you need to do.

Fast internet test: Are you getting the speed you pay for?

Our speed test will tell you exactly how fast your internet connection really is - so you can see if you're getting what you pay for.

How to use Zoom

Senior Planet has a simple to use guide to making your first Zoom call

How to make a video call on your computer or smartphone

A simple step by step guide from Which computing to making your first video call.

How to turn Amazon’s Echo Show into a smart picture frame

It's simple to set up Amazon's Echo Show as a digital picture frame - and family members can even upload snaps.

Using Alexa: The ultimate senior’s guide

Our guide even comes with a list of commands you can print out and put next to your speaker.

A new user’s guide to the iPad

Lifewire has put together an excellent iPad 101 course which explains some of the basics.

How to video call on Skype: AARP

A well produced video guide to making Skype calls

How to video call your family: BBC

A great, simple to use step-by-step guide to making video calls

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iPhone Hacks: Ten tips to get the most out of your phone

From using your keyboard as a trackpad to saving battery life, ten tips to help you get the best out of your iPhone

How to change your iPhone Home Screen

Did you know you can customize your iPhones's Home Screen? Follow our guide to find out how

Social media stress: Are YOU suffering?

The constant stream of messages, updates and content that social media apps deliver right to our pockets can sometimes feel like a social overload, invading your personal space and obliging you to reply in order to maintain friendships.