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Video calling: are Houseparty and Zoom safe to use?

Both video services have triggered big fears over security - Which Computing rounds up the issues here

How to make a video call on your computer or smartphone

A simple step by step guide from Which computing to making your first video call.

How to video call your family: BBC

A great, simple to use step-by-step guide to making video calls

How to get WHO Coronavirus updates with WhatsApp

The World Health Organisation is using the service to keep people update and try to stop misinformation spreading, which has become a massive problem.

Google Assistant cheat sheet for seniors

An incredibly useful cheat sheet for Google Assistant you can print out and leave near the speaker.

Streaming fitness app roundup: CNET

CNET's roundup of streaming fitness apps. FYI Peloton is now offering a 90 day trial of its phenomenally slick app.

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