The best tech gifts for seniors

For big spenders: Apple iPad
For technophobes: Amazon Echo Show 8
For laptop lovers: HP Chromebook 14
Stocking filler: Anker wireless charger
For TV addicts: Roku Premiere soundbar
For computer users: Logitech Trackball
For iPad owners: Pillow stand

2020 is the year tech became more important than ever to help seniors keep in touch – and we’ve found the best tech gifts for seniors to make your life easier.

We’ve tried to pick gifts for every price point – so hopefully there’s something for everyone here, from iPads to chargers and even a pillow to help you stream in bed.

Best iPad for seniors
Apple’s 10.2inch iPad, which we think is the best iPad for seniors

Apple iPad

If you want to give the ultimate tech gadget, here it is.

We think Apple’s iPad is the best device out there for seniors, and can do everything a ‘normal’ computer can.

If you prefer a laptop, we’ve got a guide to the best Chromebooks for seniors, and you can see our top choice, the HP Chromebook 14, below – but we think the iPad tops them for most people.

We’ve got a whole piece explaining why we think it’s so great – and some great ideas for iPad accessories here, as well as a guide to setting up an iPad for a senior.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show
Amazon’s Echo Show 8 smart speaker

Amazon’s Echo Show is the ultimate device for seniors who aren’t comfortable with a computer, and also a great way to do video calls and listen to music and radio without too much work.

We think the Echo Show 8 with its 8 inch screen is the perfect size – you can even use it as a digital picture frame.

We’ve also got a full guide to setting up the Echo Show and a guide to using the Echo Show.

HP Chromebook 14

HP Chromebook 14
HP Chromebook 14

If you prefer a laptop to a tablet, our recommended budget Chromebook in a great gift (Read more about it here in our guide to the best Chromebook for seniors).

In a nutshell, HP’s Chromebook 14 is a good, solid choice. It’s reasonably priced, and really does have everything you need for basic tasks like email, web browsing and watching TV and movies.

Anker wireless phone charger

Most recent phones have wireless charging, and let you charge simply by placing your phone on a pad or stand.

We’ve found that Anker wireless chargers are both cheap and reliable.

Note both the Anker stands don’t come with a power adapter – most people have a couple lying around, but if you don’t Anker’s is a great choice.

All the chargers we’ve picked are available as pads or stands. We like the stand version, as you’ll be able to see the screen if your charger is on a bedside table, for instance.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, the RAVpower is a great buy as it’ll charge a phone to 50% within an hour.

Roku Premiere streaming box

We think Roku’s streaming system is the best our there for seniors – it’s simple to use, with a minimum of confusing menus, and has a very straightforward remote control.

It’s the best way to give your TV a smart upgrade, and this model will stream shows in ultra clear 4K quality as well.

Logitech MX656 Trackball

The best computer mouse for seniors is actually not a mouse at all.

Instead, Logitech’s trackball uses a ball you move with your thumb.

The theory is that without the need to move your arm for cursor control, your hand and forearm stay relaxed during hours of use.

The tracking speed can also be adjusted with Logitech Options software, giving you even more control.

Ontel iPad bed stand

Watching an iPad in bed can be annoyingly – it’s almost impossible to hold at the the right angle.

However, the Ontel pillow stand is the answer to your prayers, letting you hold the iPad safely and easily so you can use it while lying down.

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