The best sex toys for seniors

Just because you’re a senior doesn’t mean that your sex life has to stop.

There’s a huge range of sex toys out there, and we’ve picked some favorites that we think are the best sex toys for seniors. There’s no one size fits all, and many people have a selection of toys to use depending on their needs at the time – so don’t be shy about trying something new.

Best sex toys for seniors with weak wrists – Palm Power

Among the best reviewed is are the Palm Power, which is ideal for those with arthritic wrists. Seniors often have aches and pains, and combined with the fact they often take longer to get aroused, then a device like the Palm Power can make all the difference.

The latest version is also rechargeable, so you won’t need to spend a fortune on batteries.

Best for those looking for power – Magic Wand

Many seniors report they need more stimulation to get aroused, and that goes for both partners.

If you’re looking for a strong vibration, the Magic Wand comes highly recommend by experts.

There are two versions, one cheaper that you need to plug in, and one rechargeable one that you don’t have to keep plugged in.

Best for couples – Zumio S

The Zumio S offers focused vibration, and is ideal for use by couples – it can be used without getting in the way.

It also uses a rotating motion – not vibration – to deliver pinpoint stimulation exactly where you want it.

Because it rotates, there’s no numbing or buzzing that vibration can cause.

Also, you’ll never feel any unwanted vibration in the handle.

It’s rechargable, and has 8 speeds you can choose from.

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