The best TV speakers for Seniors

  • The best TV speakers for Seniors can boost speech and increase volume
  • There are also soundbars that enhance speech
  • Wireless speakers can be carried anywhere
Best for people on a budget
Best for people with hearing problems
Best wireless TV speaker you can move around

Boosting your TV’s sound is essential for many of us, as they are are often not terribly loud and, well, a bit rubbish.

However, don’t fear, there are some great speakers you can plug in to boost the sound – and use them to listen to music and radio as well.

Some even have technology to boost voices, letting you listen more easily.

Here are our picks for the best tv speakers for seniors. We’ve also got a guide to the best TV remote for seniors.

Best for those on a budget – Roku Streambar

Roku’s streambar is an absolute bargain, boasting a built in speaker and streaming software.

Plug it into your TV and you’ll be able to stream TV shows, movies, music and radio from the internet, as well as listen to it all through this small, neat speaker.

It also comes with Roku’s easy to use remote, which we think is great because it doesn’t have a huge amount of buttons.

It’s also got a voice control function so you can also talk to your TV to ask it to change channel or increase the volume, a really useful feature.

There’s also a neat feature that allows you to use your phone to listen to audio via headphones plugged into your phone using the Roku App.

Best TV speakers for seniors with hearing problems – ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Sound Bar

If you struggle to distinguish voices from background noises, then the ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Sound Bar could be for you.

It’s designed to lift voices out of background noises in the same way a hearing aid does, by isolating voice frequencies.

It’s got two settings for what the company calls ‘Accuvoice’ – normal (AC1) and ultra-boost (AC2) for ultra-clear voices.

There’s also a great levelling feature which makes sure the volume always remains the same – banishing loud commercials.

The AV200/201 is so small (17” wide) you can put it just about anywhere. And it works well above or below your TV, or to the left or right.

It’s a small unit designed to fit under the TV (it’s 17″ wide), and blends in well.

Setting it up is simple, with just one cable to your TV.

It comes with its own remote, our can be setup to use your existing TV remote.

NB If you have advanced hearing loss, there’s an enhanced version, the AV205, that lets your audiologist tune the speaker to your needs.

Best wireless TV speakers for seniors – Sereonic Wireless TV Listening Speaker

While a soundbar is great, some people prefer a wireless speaker they can move nearer to wherever they are sitting. Sereonic’s listening speaker fits the bill perfectly.

To use it, you simply plug the transmitter box into your TV, then carry the speaker wherever you want.

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