The best computer mouse for seniors

Using a mouse or trackpad is one of the most important things you need to be able to do to use a computer and get on the internet.

However, it can be a a frustrating experience, especially at first, but there are some useful products out there that could make life a lot easier if you’re looking for the best computer mouse for seniors.

One great alternative is a trackball, and we think Logitech’s trackball is a brilliant alternative.

Best mouse alternative: Logitech M575 Trackball

The best computer mouse for seniors is actually not a mouse at all.

Instead, Logitech’s trackball uses a ball you move with your thumb.

The theory is that without the need to move your arm for cursor control, your hand and forearm stay relaxed during hours of use.

It works brilliantly, and this really is a comfortable option – at Tech Helper HQ we’ve not used a traditional mouse since trying this.

The tracking speed can also be adjusted with Logitech Options software, giving you even more control.

Best mouse for seniors with decreased motor skills – BIGtrack

While it looks like a child’s toy, the BIGtrack mouse from InfoGrip can be a lifesaver for seniors with decreased motor skills or poor vision.

It’s got a large 3inch trackball, and large buttons that are easy for those with low vision to hit.

It also comes with software to allow users to adjust the speed of the mouse, which can make a big difference to using it.

Best mouse tutorial for seniors

Practice really does make perfect when it comes to using a mouse, and we think Learn My Way’s guide to using a mouse is the best out there.

It will explain what a mouse is, and go through exactly what you need to learn to use it.

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