The best streaming service for seniors

There is, sadly, no one size fits all answer to the question of what’s the best streaming service for seniors.

Instead, it really revolves around what you want to watch.

Services are mainly split into two – those that offer live TV, and those that let you watch shows whenever you want (known as on demand TV).

There are also several ways to watch streaming TV. You can watch on your TV, your phone or even the latest smart speakers. We’ve got a full guide to the best streaming devices for seniors coming soon.

Senior discounts on streaming services


There are several levels of Hulu, ranging from its basic $7.99 a month service that gets you a huge number of network shows, usually the day after broadcast, to its full Live TV package which offers 65 live channels for $54.99 a month.

It’s known for being a great service to keep up on current hit network TV shows. For those who don’t need live TV, but still want to watch new TV, Hulu might be a great idea. The subscription is $7.99 for the most basic plan and includes all the major network channels like ABC, CNN, Fox, Discovery, Travel Channel, and the Food Network. They also offer original content, like The Handmaid’s Tale. So for a fraction of your cable bill, you can stay updated on your favorite current shows. Since Hulu is such a large streaming service, you can watch Hulu on almost any device or TV.

Best free streaming service for seniors – YouTube

While many of the other here options here can be expensive, YouTube is a goldmine of free video content.


Best free movie service – IMDB TV

Owned by Amazon, IMDB has a lot of free TV shows and movies available.

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