Apple’s iPhone SE – the perfect phone for seniors

While the iPhone 12 is grabbing the headlines, the iPhone SE is perfect for those on a tight budget or looking for a first iPhone.

The iPhone SE is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models in black, white and red starting at $399 in the US and £419 in the UK.

As it’s a relatively new handset, there aren’t too many discounts to be had.

However, if you’re also signing up for a new cellular plan, it’s well worth shopping around , as some operators like Verizon are offering a free iPhone SE if you sign up with them.

While Amazon does sell the iPhone SE, be aware it doesn’t sell the unlocked version, and only sells it if you subscribe to a carrier at the same time. For this reason, we recommend buying the iPhone SE from Best Buy.

In the UK, Amazon sells the unlocked version, so it the better option.

And don’t forget to buy a case, an extra power cable and (if you want to be fancy) a wireless charger – Apple no longer puts the charger in the box with the SE.

iPhone SE – why it’s worth the money

It’s very similar in looks to the iPhone 8, with a 4.7-inch screen and the familiar home button with a fingerprint sensor built it.

However, internally Apple has given the phone some massive upgrades, including a far quicker processor and a much better camera.

While it’s still by no means a cheap device, at a time where getting online simply and safely is key, the SE offers the perfect mix of features and cost.

There are significantly cheaper phones out there, often running Google’s rival Android system, but we think the iPhone SE is the best phone for seniors, as it’s simpler to use and less likely to suffer security problems.

It’s also worth noting if the price still seems high, refurbished (or renewed, as amazon calls them) versions of Apple’s original SE are available online for far less.

We’ve got a full guide to buying a bargain iPhone here.

12 Megapixel camera

The iPhone has a 12-megapixel camera, which is seriously impressive. While the camera itself is good, it also uses the new faster processor in the phone to improve your pictures as you take them.

This means you can use effects like portrait mode, which blurs the background to create professional looking snaps.

It’s also got a vastly improved front camera, which can also use portrait mode, and take stunning selfies.

You can also take super sharp video using the latest standard, 4K.

Home button

While the top of the range iPhones and iPads have Apple’s facial recognition system in, the SE sticks with the tried and test home button.

It’s got a steel ring to detect a user’s fingerprint for Touch ID.

Using Touch ID is a simple way to unlock your phone, fill in passwords, log in to apps, and even make payments without having to enter a password.

Instead, you simply place your finger on the home button, and it’ll analyse your fingerprint to work out who you are.

Accessibility features

The SE has also got some great accessibility features, such as working with a whole range of ‘made for Apple’ hearing aids (more here).

If you’re also using Apple’s Airpods wireless headphones, you can even use a feature called Live Listen as a kind of hearing aid to boost conversation volume, turning the phone into a remote microphone you can put in front of the person you’re chatting with.

Essential iPhone SE accessories for seniors

There are a few accessories such as a case and a few more power cables we think it’s worth picking up when you buy your phone.

We’ve got a whole guide to the best iPhone accessories here.

But, if want a longer charging cable, we’d recommend Anker’s 10ft cable, which is certified by Apple.

Otherwise, there’s a huge choice.

Do be aware, however, that low quality cables can be a fire risk under some circumstances, so for the sake of a few dollars, it’s usually worth either buying our Anker recommendation above, or looking for a cable that it certified by Apple (which manufacturers will have in the description of their cable).

Best iPhone SE wireless charger for seniors

And if you want to get super fancy with your charging, then a wireless charger is a great investment, and doubles as somewhere safe to keep your phone at night.

We’ve found that Anker chargers are both cheap and reliable.

All the iPhone chargers we’ve picked are available as pads or stands. We like the stand version, which keep your phone upright and at an angle so you’ll be able to see the screen on a bedside table, for instance.

It’s also well worth buying a case, and we’d recommend Apple’s own. The silicon cases are a really great, long lasting case, that are also grippy, so you’re unlikely to drop the phone. The leather cases also look brilliant, and age really well.

If you’re after something a little more rugged, then the Speck Presido is the case to buy. It’s fantastic, with rubber fins so you won’t drop it, yet still manages to look good.

Apple’s iPhone SE – Verdict

The iPhone SE is the phone many have been waiting for. It’s the perfect mix of being (relatively) affordable, but having all the latest features.

As a first iPhone, it’s practically perfect – and highly recommended as a phone that’ll last you a very long time.

For advice on setting up an iPhone for seniors, read our guide here.

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