The best iPhone 12 accessories for seniors

  • iPhone 12 WON’T come with a charger in the box – you’ll need to reuse or buy one
  • Has a new magnetic attachment for wireless chargers and other accessories
  • Apple is making a snap on credit card case for the back of the phone
  • New design means you’ll need a new case

Apple’s new iPhone is finally on sale, and we’ve found the best iPhone 12 accessories for seniors to help you get the best out of your new cell phone.

It’s also worth remembering the iPhone 12 WON’T come with a charger in the box – you’ll need to reuse an old one, or buy one.

Don’t forget to read our guide to setting up an iPhone for seniors once your new handset arrives.

Now, here’s what we think you should buy…

Best iPhone 12 case for seniors – Apple silicon case and Speck Presidio2 Grip

You’ve spent a lot of money on your iPhone 12, so it’s well worth investing in a case to protect it.

Apple’s own silicon cases are a simple, relatively inexpensive way to protect you phone, and there are a huge range of colors to choose from.

However, if you’re a little clumsy and need some added protection, we think the Speck Presidio2 Grip is a great choice.

It’s got rubber ‘fins’ to help you keep hold of the phone, and the bright colors also make it easier to find your phone if you’re forgotten where you put it.

Best iPhone 12 wireless charger for seniors – Apple Magsafe

We think Apple’s new MagSafe charger is great buy.

It uses magnets in the back of the phone to attach itself, so the phone won’t fall off the charger during the night.

It’s a brilliant idea, and we thing it makes charging far easier that having to fiddle around with cables.

However, it’s also not a cheap option,

The best iPhone power cables for seniors

It’s also well worth buying a second power cable (known as a lightning cable) as Apple’s have a tendency to not last very long.

Look for something with a braided cord, as it’ll last a lot longer.

It’s also worth noting that its not essential, and in fact not always a good idea, to leave your iPhone plugged in all day charging.

If you want a longer cable to reach your favourite chair, we’d recommend Anker’s 10ft cable, which is certified by Apple.

Otherwise, there’s a huge choice.

Do be aware, however, that low quality cables can be a fire risk under some circumstances, so for the sake of a few dollars, it’s usually worth either buying our Anker recommendation above, or looking for a cable that it certified by Apple (which manufacturers will have in the description of their cable).

Best wallet for iPhone 12 – Apple Leather Wallet

Apple’s leather wallet snaps on to the back of your phone using magnets.

It’s a great accessory and mans one less thing to carry when you go out (and it’s also great for online shopping to keep your cards nearby).

Best iPhone stand for seniors

A stand can keep your phone upright so you can easily read the screen without having to hold it up.

It’s a great accessory if you’re reading a book for instance, or if you want to you your phone as a digital photo frame to show off family snaps.

The best iPhone stylus for seniors

A stylus can be a great way to use your iPhone, and rather like cases, there are thousands out, ranging from cheap to designer versions.

Here’s a few to choose from:

Best stylus for seniors

If you struggle to hold a pen, then don’t worry – there’s a stylus for you too.

We’d recommend this iPad pencil designed for kids, which work really well for older owners who struggle with a thin pencil as well. It’s also pretty bright so you’re unlikely to lose it…

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