The best Android accessories for seniors

There are a vast number of addons available for your phone, and we’ve put together a guide to the best Android accessories for seniors.

First of all, what’s an Android phone? Well, if your phone isn’t an iPhone, the chances are it’s an Android phone, which means it’s running software made by Google.

Buying some new phone accessories can really make a difference to your life. From a wireless charger that means the end of plugging in to a new case that’ll give your handset a makeover, it can make your phone feel like a whole new device.

First up is a case.

The best phone case for seniors

A case is a simple, and give how much phones cost, often essential upgrade, and tops the list of our best Android accessories for seniors.

Obviously there are hundreds, if not thousands available. A lot depends on the level of protection you want, and the type of Android device you have.

With so many on the market, not all case makers cover all android phones.

If you’re prone to dropping your phone, its worth investing in a more rugged case, and we think Speck’s Presidio Grip is the best. It’s rugged without being horrible chunky, and also looks great.

Speaking from personal experience, my wife’s phone has been kept safe in one of these for over a year, a record for her not breaking a screen…

Make sure you get the tight case for your iPhone model, and Speck makes them in a huge range of colors as well.

Best wireless chargers for seniors

If you want to get super fancy with your charging, then a wireless charger is a great investment, and doubles as somewhere safe to keep your phone at night.

We’ve found that Anker cases are both cheap and reliable.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, the RAVpower is a great buy as it’ll charge a phone to 50% within an hour.

All the chargers we’ve picked are available as pads or stands. We like the stand version, as you’ll be able to see the screen if your charger is on a bedside table, for instance.Best iPhone wireless charger for Seniors.

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