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Dealing with isolation

How to avoid cabin fever

Sarita Robinson, a Principal Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire has some simple tips

How to persuade your elderly parents to stay at home: BBC

How to keep parents inside is becoming an increasingly common problem.

How to maintain physical and mental health during coronavirus

Some good advice from Nita Bharti Assistant Professor of Biology at Pennsylvania State University.

Streaming fitness app roundup: CNET

CNET's roundup of streaming fitness apps. FYI Peloton is now offering a 90 day trial of its phenomenally slick app.

Fear can spread from person to person faster than the coronavirus – but there are ways to slow it down

Jacek Debiec of the University of Michigan reveals how Coronavirus fears spread - and how to deal with them.

Keep Calm and carry on – free meditation resources

Meditation app Calm has posted some really useful guides and content to help everyone keep calm during Coronavirus

Create a Call Schedule to Check on Your Senior Relatives: LifeWire

A simple but effective tip for staying in touch with friends and relatives.

How to stay connected during social isolation

Jonathan Kanter and Adam Kuczynski of the University of Washington explain how you can stay connected during social isolation.

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Social distancing: 6 simple ways to help seniors struggling to change their routines

toria Atabakhsh, a Doctorate student in Aging, Health and Well-Being at the University of Waterloo has 6 simple way to help seniors struggling with social isolation.