The best health and fitness apps for seniors

From YouTube videos you can watch on your TV to apps you can download to your phone, there are a whole range of ways to use technology to keep yourself fit and active.

There are even brain training, meditation and other apps to keep your mind fit and active as well.

The National Institute on Aging has a great article explaining how (and why) seniors can get started on their fitness journey, you can read it here.

We’ve collected together some of the best sites, apps and resources for you below.

Senior fitness with Meredith

A great selection of free workouts you can watch on YouTube, Senior fitness with Meredith has a whole host of different workouts.

They’re all free, and all easy to follow, making this a great starting point.

To see all the videos available (and there’s 120 – so you should find something you want to use!), click here.


While a lot of online fitness services are aimed at younger folds, Bold is a new service designed for seniors.

While you have to pay access the full service, there’s a 30 day free trial and some classes and a series of fitness tests here you can access for free to try it out.

Here are some classes you can try out: Gentle standing workout with Amanda, Upper body strength with Alicia, Energizing circuit workout with Jill.

Silver Sneakers Go

Another app designed to keep seniors fit, Silver Sneaker Go is based on the fitness programme used in a lot of senior homes.

It’s based on four- to 12-week strength, walking, and flexibility and mobility programs that can be tailored to your fitness level.

Rather than having to leave your home, you can access the workouts through an app you download to your phone.

If you’re in the Us and have SilverSneakers included in your Medicare Advantage Plan, you can access all the exercise plans for free.


Britain’s National Health Service is a goldmine of great resources to help seniors stay fit and healthy.

From guidelines explaining how much exercise you need to video workouts in the NHS Fitness Studio, it’s great (and you don’t need to be in the UK to access it).


While it’s not aimed at seniors, the Peloton app actually has a lot of great content.

While the firm made its name with a high end spin bike that can stream classes, its app offers everything from stretching and yoga to HIIT workouts. All the workouts are graded, and there is a lot of beginner content, particualrly in the stretching, yoga and meditation areas, that’s great for seniors. Crucially, there’s a 30 day free trial so you can try before you buy.


While a lot of apps focus on your physical fitness, keeping your mind sharp and active is also important – as is learning how to switch it off and relax.

Calm is an incredibly useful app for what’s known as mindful meditation. You can download the app and try it for free, but it’ll talk you though a series of meditations. It sounds a bit hippy-dippy, but give it a go – you may be surprised.

C25K (Couch to 5K)

Running a 5K might seem like a huge goal, but trust us, the C25K app makes it achievable. It combines running with walking breaks to gently ease you into exercise, tracking your progress as you go. It’s a great download, and has helped thousands (including me!) to run a 5K.

Healthline – simple six minute strength for seniors

Healthline has a really simple and straightforward workout you can do in just six minutes. There are pictures to help you along, and it’s basic enough that most people should be able to complete it.

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