How to turn Amazon’s Echo Show into a smart picture frame

  • Say “Alexa, set the background to my photos” to start the process
  • Select which album you want to use

One of the great advantages of Amazon’s Echo Show is it can work as a smart picture frame, showing your favourite pictures of family and friends throughout the day.

You can even set it up so family members can upload pictures to your frame directly – meaning every day, you could be waking up to fresh photos.

Setting it up is simple.

For more on what Alexa can do, read our guide to setting it up for seniors here.

Getting photos onto your Echo Show

To get photos onto your Echo Show, you’ll need to use either the Amazon Photos app, or your Facebook account. We’ve got a full explanation of how to use it here, and Amazon has a great video here:

Setting up a photo slideshow

There are two ways to do this – using your Alexa Show, or the app. The easiest is to use the speaker itself. To do this say “Alexa set the background to my photos” to start the process. Alexa will then let you select which album you want to use.

If you want to make more advanced changes, you can go into settings:

Turn your Echo Show into a digital picture frame: Advanced settings

  1. Enter settings

    Say “Alexa, show me settings”

  2. Tap ‘Wallpaper and clock’

    This will let you change what’s displayed on the Echo Show screen while its not doing anything

  3. Choose where your pictures are stored

    You can choose either Amazon’s photo app, or Facebook

  4. Decide which pictures you want to see

    You can choose an album, or have Amazon select them by choosing Daily memories. We’d recommend setting up an album called ‘On Echo Show’ in the Amazon Photos App and using that. Say ‘Alexa, go home’ to return to the main menu and your pictures will start showing.

  5. That’s it!

    To control the speed the pictures change, go into the settings menu again, then pick ‘Alexa preferences’ (you’ll need to scroll down, so don’t worry if you can’t see it). Then, tap on ‘photos’, ‘photo slideshow’ and ‘speed’. Once you’re done, say ‘Alexa, go home’

How to see your photos on your smart picture frame

Say, “Alexa, show my photos” to have your Echo transform into a smart picture frame and display all of your photos.

You can also ask Alexa to show your photos in an album or by subject, for instance you can say “Alexa, show my Florida Vacation album.”

You can ask Alexa to pause, resume, or go to the next or previous photo.

One accessory it might be worth buying is a stand – it means you can move your Echo Show into the best position easily.

Set a photo background

You can also set a single photo as the background on your smart picture frame.

When the picture you want is being displayed, simple say ‘Alexa, set this as my background’.

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