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How to make the most of Alexa during lockdown

From home deliveries to free calls, helping with cooking, keeping the kids entertained and more, Which Computing has some tips on how to harness Alexa to improve your wellbeing at home.

The hi-tech way to remember to call your parents

A simple but effective tip for staying in touch with friends and relatives.

10 Useful Tweaks That Improve the iPhone for Seniors: MakeUseOf

A decent overview of the accessibility features of iOS

21 Alexa tips for seniors: The Helping Home

Some useful Alexa skills you can set up

How to stay connected during social isolation

Jonathan Kanter and Adam Kuczynski of the University of Washington explain how you can stay connected during social isolation.

Coronavirus: How to clean your phone properly

Studies have shown your phone’s touchscreen is a magnet for bacteria - so with the global spread of Covid-19, keeping it clean is more important than ever.

How to fill in the 2020 census online

The U.S. Census Bureau is hoping that most people who live in the U.S. will use the internet to answer census questions - here's what you need to know

iPhone Hacks: Ten tips to get the most out of your phone

From using your keyboard as a trackpad to saving battery life, ten tips to help you get the best out of your iPhone

What is an SD Card – and how to buy the right one

Also known as memory cards, SD Cards allow gadgets such as cameras, drones and some phones to store photos, videos and apps.

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