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How to stay in virtual touch with older relatives: BBC

The BBC has a roundup of the options for staying in touch digitally.

Coronavirus scams – how to spot them and stop them: Which Computing

Coronavirus scams are everywhere. Which Computing has a great guide to spotting and avoiding them.

How coronavirus has changed college classes forever

Coronavirus could change education for a long time. Vanessa Dennen, Professor of of Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies at Florida State University, explains what going online will mean for college students and instructors.

Coronavirus testing: How it works

Molecular biologist and viral researcher Maureen Ferran answers some basic questions about how these diagnostic tests work – and if there are enough to go around.

How clean your keyboard and keep it COVID-19 free

With Coronavirus spreading globally, keeping your gadgets clean is important - particularly your phone screen, keyboard and mouse. Here's what you need to know.

Coronavirus: How to clean your phone properly

Studies have shown your phone’s touchscreen is a magnet for bacteria - so with the global spread of Covid-19, keeping it clean is more important than ever.

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