Apple iPhone 12 for seniors: What we know

  • Four models expected to be unveiled
  • New HomePod as well a smart tag to keep track of belonging also on the cards

On October 13th, Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone 12, the latest in the iPhone range.

And if the rumor’s are to be believed, there will be four versions.

Although the firm is notoriously secretive, here’s what we know so far.

Apple is getting ready to ship a whopping 75 million new iPhone 12 models this year, according to new estimates. The tech giant is expecting sales of the next-generation iPhone to reach as high as 80 million units in 2020 alone, Bloomberg says, citing ‘people familiar with the situation’. 

iPhone 12 5G

The iPhone 12 will be Apple’s first 5G iPhone, able to take advantage of the latest mobile phone networks to offer extremely fast connections.

iPhone 12 models

Apple is planning to launch four iPhone 12 models later this year with different screen sizes, 5G support and crisp OLED displays, it’s believed.  

We’re expecting two versions of the iPhone 12 Pro and two versions of the standard iPhone 12.

Expect new sizes of iPhone as well – the smallest model expectedto be announced next week is the 5.4-inch iPhone 12.

On the other end of the lineup, Apple will reportedly reveal a version of the iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.7-inch display — the largest the company has ever squeezed into a phone.

Apple HomePod Mini

We’re also expecting a smaller, cheaper version of Apple’s HomePod smart speaker, which hasn’t been the firm’s biggest success.

iPhone 12 price

We’d expect the iPhone 12 to be roughly the same price as the current iPhone 11, so not cheap…

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