The Best iPad accessories for seniors

If your iPad is looking a little tired, or you’ve just upgraded and want to get the most out of your phone, we’ve found the best iPad accessories for seniors.

They can really make a difference to what we think is already a great device for seniors.

But adding a stylus so you can write on the screen, a case that doubles as a keyboard and stand or a new charging cable can make it even better.

Not only that, we’ve also found the best prices for you to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Best iPad cases for seniors

First up is a case.

Obviously there are hundreds, if not thousands available. A lot depends on the level of functionality you want

Some offer you a keyboard, added protection, and the ability to work as a stand.

Apple’s smart keyboard does triple duty. It’s not cheap, but we’ve found them to be really reliable and work well.

Best Stylus for seniors

Another great addon to the iPad is a stylus. Rather than using your finger, this lets you ise a pen. And unlike the iPhone version, which is pretty low tech, on the iPad a stylus can do a lot more. Unfortunately, they also cost a lot more. Apple’s is the absolute gold standard, and is absolutely fantastic for anyone who enjoys painting, design of any other creative pursuit. It’s expensive, but is incredibly good.

There are two version available, one for the iPad Pro and one for the ‘normal’ iPad – make sure you get the right one.

If you struggle to hold a pen, then don’t worry – there’s a stylus for you too. We’d recommend an iPad pencil designed for kids, which work really well for older owners who struggle with a thin pencil as well. It’s also pretty bright so you’re unlikely to lose it…

Best iPad power cables for seniors

It’s also well worth buying a second power cable as Apple’s have a tendency to not last very long. Look for something with a braided cord, as it’ll last a lot longer.

What kind of cable you need depends on what model iPad you have.

The latest iPad Pro models use a type of connector known as USB-C, while the ‘normal’ iPad models use lightning connectors, the same type found on iPhones.

It’s also worth noting that its not essential, and in fact not always a good idea, to leave your iPhone plugged in all day charging.

If you want a longer cable to reach your favourite chair, we’d recommend Anker’s 10ft cable, which is certified by Apple. It’s available in a Lightning version and a USB-C version – make sure you get the right one for your iPad (double check the pictures!)

Otherwise, there’s a huge choice.

Do be aware, however, that low quality cables can be a fire risk under some circumstances, so for the sake of a few dollars, it’s usually worth either buying our Anker recommendation above, or looking for a cable that it certified by Apple (which manufacturers will have in the description of their cable).

That’s it for our guide to the best iPad accessories for seniors – we hope they’ll help you enjoy your iPad even more.

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