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Best devices for seniors

If you've got a new gadget, we've got guides to get you set up. Choose your device below and we'll get you up and running in no time with simple, easy to understand instructions.

The best Android accessories for seniors

We've found the best accessories, from chargers to headphones, to hep, you get the best out of your Android phone.

Best iPhone accessories for seniors

From cases to wireless chargers, we've found the best iPhone accessories for seniors to get the best out of their iPhone.

The best Windows laptops for seniors

While Chromebooks, iPads and phones are a great choice for most people (and you can read our complete guide to the best devices for...

The best Chromebook for seniors in 2021

Chromebooks are a great alternative to a normal laptop. They're cheaper, safer and and easier to use for most people. We've found the best Chromebooks for seniors to get you online quickly and easily.

iOS 14: All about Apple’s new iPhone software

Apple has unveiled the newest software for its iPhone and iPad, called iOS and iPadOS 14. Coming in September, it's got a new home screen and loads of other new features.

Alexa deal alert! Amazon slashes the price of its Echo Show smart speaker

Amazon's Echo Show 8 is the best device out there for people who aren't comfortable with an iPad or smartphone. Amazon has heavily discounted the device, so there's never been a better time get the best deal on Alexa.

The best way to buy a cheap iPhone

iPhones are not cheap - but we've got a guide to getting a bargain buy buying refurbished and older handsets that will stop do everything you need.

Apple’s iPhone SE – the perfect phone for seniors

Apple has released its latest iPhone, the SE - and it's perfect for those on a tight budget or looking for a first iPhone.

What’s the best tablet for video calling grandma?

The Guardian's guide to choosing a video calling device for seniors - with Amazon's Echo Show as its top pick.

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